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Tending Humanity

  • 2 Mar 2021
  • 7:00 PM - 8:00 PM
  • Online workshop via Zoom


  • Workshop is free to Montessori Society AMI UK members
  • £10 per session for non-members.

Theory Live!

Why does a leader become a leader? Because by the ideologies he expounds, he becomes the point of crystallization of some vague feeling that many (who later become the followers) have within them, but of which they are not clearly conscious. When someone appears stating clearly that which gives an answer to their feelings, he becomes a leader. Once he has become a leader and he has aroused confidence and enthusiasm, he may be followed even to disaster if the followers have not got a basis in reality. This is what Dr. Montessori meant when she said, 'We must help the child after six to fulfil his tendencies. They now urge him to understand no longer, as previously, only the immediate environment, but also that which is not accessible to his sensorial exploration'.

Mario M. Montessori, The Human Tendencies and Montessori Education

Dr. Montessori’s theories on human development are intriguing and still progressive in the field of education. If you have been promising yourself a deeper dive into these revelations, now is your chance.

Our monthly series of online workshops are hosted by AMI trainer, Cheryl Ferreira. The one-hour sessions of exploration and discovery will enrich classroom application. Although aimed at Montessori teachers and assistants, everyone interested in a richer understanding of Dr. Montessori’s writings is welcome.

Sessions take place on the first Tuesday of each month at 7pm and each is independent - attend all or just one. 

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  • 02 March 2021 Tending Humanity

The workshops are free for Montessori Society AMI UK members and £10 per session for non-members. Not a member? Join here

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