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How does Montessori fit with the EYFS Framework?

5 Dec 2016 6:36 PM | Deleted user


A revised version of the EYFS Statutory Framework and Practice Guidance document was published on 19th May 2008.  The guidelines are now statutory. Has AMI formulated a response to this statutory framework? 


There is much of the EYFS that is compatible with Montessori practice so in theory the guidance should not cause a problem to Montessori schools.  However, the problem is that these guidelines are going to become statutory and this inevitably leads to the situation where teachers will feel compelled to tick boxes which is in obvious conflict with the Montessori idea of auto-education.

A task force which includes AMI trained teachers was set up by ME[UK] to put together a comprehensive document that to explain how Montessori fulfils the requirements of the EYFS. It is intended to help teachers to know how to explain their practice to officials and to raise the standard of practice as well. The document also addresses the issues around those aspects that many officials believe are not covered by the Montessori curriculum – i.e. creativity, imagination and role-play.  It is hoped that if teachers are helped to find a way to explain how a Montessori environment provides for these things they will feel less obliged to make compromises.

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