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Educateurs sans Frontières

In 1999, the AMI established the EsF program (Educators without Borders) to champion the cause of all children and to revisit Montessori principles and practices from the perspective of society at large.

Transcending Borders

When using the term Educateurs sans Frontières, we refer to borders which transcend the obvious ones to do with nation states. The truly important ones are the psychological and spiritual frontiers - the ideological, religious, racial, social and economic, cultural and linguistic boundaries which artificially divide humanity.

Dr. Montessori's work can be applied in a wide variety of ways which can benefit the cause of the child beyond the school and the home. Her own term for the pedagogy she created was 'Education as an Aid to Life', and this is applicable at any time, in any place, within all social strata, through public or private agencies, in settings rural, urban and remote.

When Montessori principles are applied in the wider context of society, their possibilities are vast and all-encompassing. They can be of incalculable help to parents, social workers, child-care workers, family counsellors, in short, to any person involved with the developing human beings. Montessori principles have been applied with children undergoing lengthy hospitalisation, physically impaired children, victims of violence and children who are abandoned or at risk.

Montessorians around the world have started a number of projects in disadvantaged communities. The ethos of these projects is always to help the local community to help themselves. Its aim is self-reliance not dependence, community not school, self ownership and control, dignity and self worth which all play an important role in overcoming the effects of trauma.

Montessori Around The World is a website which links Montessori programs serving children whose lives have been adversely affected with available resources.

A great social mission that will ensure the child justice, harmony and love remains to be accomplished. This great task must be the work of education for this is the only way to build a new world and to bring peace."  Maria Montessori

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